Savvy Seller FBA for beginner entrepreneurs

Learn how to make thousands of dollars from home each month by selling low-cost products from China on Amazon.

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    Over 100 lessons (15+ hours of content) with step-by-step tutorials, PDFs, checklists, and helpful links available 24/7.


    Gain access to our private student support Facebook community for answers to all your questions and advice to help you succeed.


    Have all of the most up-to-date information on Amazon's ever changing platform. No outdated information or strategies!


    Provides an outlined framework, keeping you organized as you complete the program.


    Simplifies the entire process for you, saving you the time and headache of figuring out what you should say to get the best results.


    See the exact methods I use to find $10,000 per month products.

In this program, you will learn:

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  • Module #1Let's Get Started

    The rundown on the software, tools, start up costs, and timeline of what to expect.

  • Module #1All Things Branding

    Choosing brand/business names, logos, trademarks, and more!

  • Module #1Creating Your Accounts

    Correct Amazon and Alibaba account setup, and getting in touch with Amazon support.

  • Module #1Product Research Part 1

    Helium 10, patents, trademarks, Winning Product Criteria, keywords.

  • Module #1Product Research Part 2

    Product Verification Checklist, research strategies, case studies, product ideas.

What's Stopping You?

  • Not enough time

    All you need is this program and a few hours a week to get started building your business.

  • Fear of failure

    Turn that fear into excitement to propel you into taking that first step so that you can reach your goals.

  • No experience

    Every step of the process is explained, so you don't need anyt background knowledge to succeed.

How our students are doing


Shayla was a college student...

She was able to find a very low-competition niche to launch her first product and is now generating close to $5,000 profit EVERY TWO WEEKS with Amazon!

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Let's Recap

All the hacks and tips that have enabled me to quit my 9-5 and finally feel fulfilled. Learn the exact blueprint for how I achieved this success so you can replicate it, and also make 6 figures each and every month from home.

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