The Savvy Seller FBA Program


Make thousands selling products on Amazon as a beginner entrepreneur!

Created with beginner entrepreneurs in mind, the Savvy Seller FBA Program will teach you how to make thousands of dollars from home each month by selling low-cost products from China on Amazon.


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Let me guess…

You’re struggling with building a profitable online product-based business.

And after attempting to start your own pandemic proof online business, build passive income and scale your business, you’re still finding yourself feeling stressed and spending all your time trying to figure it out.

I’m here to tell you, having the freedom you deserve in life, with a profitable online business is possible. And you don’t need extensive experience on Amazon to get started…

Featured Testimonial

I watched and studied Abby online for a year before deciding to purchase her program to learn how to do Amazon FBA. Social media is so full of scammers and I was worried about wasting my money so I needed to be sure she was legitimate. I studied her by watching her lives on Tik Tok and Instagram as well as her videos on YouTube. At the end of summer 2023 I bought her course and completed it in roughly 1 month.

It was really easy to follow and I loved her calm confident approach to teaching. After another month of product research I found one that I was nervous about but decided to move forward knowing that I had the support of the private Facebook group for any questions I may have along the way. Within the first month and a half I had already sold enough product to repay my initial investment and was seeing a 24-28% profit margin.

Now 4 months later, my product has started selling so fast I stopped running ads over a month ago and raised my price in an effort to slow sales so that I could get new stock in but my sales have dramatically increased instead and I’m officially sold out ending with my highest two sales days thus far! I achieved up to a 58% profit margin!! Amazon also labeled my product as the overall pick.

I’m sad to have to wait for my restock to arrive but very excited to get things up and running again and to continue to scale up throughout the year.

I’m really happy I found Abby and took a chance on myself. I highly recommend her program to anyone who is motivated.

-Keisha Watson

Just imagine how much more financial freedom you’ll gain once you can finally:

Work from anywhere

Select your work location on a regular basis if you’d like, making $20,000 a month in profit, without the pressure to stay stuck in a low-paying corporate job full time.

Gain flexibility

Have the flexibility you’ve always dreamed of, with the ability to travel or spend time at home with your family, without having to worry about taking PTO.

Multiply your earnings

Pay off your debt, invest, and comfortably take care of all your bills each and every month without worrying where the money will come from.

How Our Students Are Doing

Still On The Fence About Amazon FBA?

Check out this interview featuring my long term student Jay, where he shares his Amazon journey – from starting with zero knowledge and only $1,200 to making over $1million with Amazon FBA by investing in this program!

In my time running the Savvy Seller FBA Program, I have successfully helped my students make $5 Million plus in their businesses.

Throughout this experience, I noticed there are 3 common setbacks holding entrepreneurs back before they decide to jump all in and sell on Amazon. 

Do these sound familiar?

Fear of Wasting Time

You want to build a scalable business online but you fear that learning the ins and outs of doing so will take up all your time. This definitely won’t!

Fear of failure

You’ve tried many times to generate passive income from your business and are traumatized by your past failures, thinking this could never work.

Lack of Knowledge

You know it’s possible to create the life you’ve always dreamed of and think that you need extensive background experience to get started. (Newsflash…you don’t!)

Trust me. I’ve been where you are now.

My beginnings weren’t pretty. I had ZERO experience in ecommerce and selling on Amazon. One random Friday night,
I started researching ways to build a profitable business online, and went down a rabbit hole becoming educated on the process.

Hey, My name is Abby!

I’m a corporate professional turned Amazon FBA expert seller, teaching beginner entrepreneurs how to build lucrative businesses on the internet without having extensive knowledge when starting, so they can finally live stress free and gain financial freedom.

Early in my career, I remember feeling stuck and very unhappy working in my 9-5. I felt depressed, anxious, and wanted more control over my time.

During a work trip, I remember running into a colleague who began work around the same time as me. He had been promoted about 3 times and I had only been promoted just once in that timeframe. While my promotion was well deserved, I realized that my success ultimately fell into the hands of someone else. I had no control over my raises, promotions, and so on. I knew that If I wanted to live the life I envisioned for myself, I would need to make a drastic change to get there.

I knew that I had a decision to make. I could either continue to work at my corporate job, hating it. Or I could take the leap and lean into ecommerce by mastering Amazon FBA.

Introducing: Savvy Seller FBA Program

Designed to take beginners in ecommerce and strategically guide you to financial freedom. No time wasted. Real work and dedication. No fluff.

In order for my clients to master selling on Amazon, they must follow my proven 15 module process to learn the essentials for building a profitable business, learn my tried and true marketing & branding tactics, understand software and product management, and scale their business.

Module #1

Let's Get Started

The rundown on the software, tools, start up costs, and timeline of what to expect.

Module #2

All Things Branding

Choosing brand/business names, logos, trademarks, and more!

Module #3

Creating Your Accounts

Correct Amazon and Alibaba account setup, and getting in touch with Amazon support.

Module #4

Product Research Part 1

Selecting the perfect product, Part 1- Helium 10, patents, trademarks, Winning Product Criteria, keywords.

Module #5

Product Research Part 2

Selecting the perfect product, Part 2 – Product Verification Checklist, research strategies, case studies, product ideas.

Module #6

Money and Budgeting

Learn how to manage your money, calculate profit margins, Amazon fees, cash flow.

Module #7

Product Sourcing

Gain expert insight on supplier criteria, negotiating, samples, contracts, overview of manufacturing process.

Module #8

More on Manufacturing

Barcodes, product packaging, thank you cards, inspections, payments.

Module #9

All About Shipping

Learn the best shipping methods, freight forwarders, and shipment plans.

Module #10

Savvy Product Listings

Product photos, pricing techniques, keyword research, listing walkthrough.

Module #11

Reviews and Feedback

How to get reviews, reducing negative reviews, customer engagement.

Module #12

Product Launch

Launch strategy overview, getting to page 1, boosting sales rank.

Module #13

Amazon Advertising (PPC)

PPC ads for beginners, setting up your first campaign, budget and ACOS.

Module #14

PPC Deep Dive

A deeper dive into the fundamentals, auto and manual campaigns, plus best strategies.

Module #15

Scaling Your Business

Learn how to sustain sales, outsource, all about social media branding, and marketing via coupons.

Hear from Valentina & Yrbenka

Designed to take beginners in eCommerce and strategically guide you to financial freedom. No time wasted. Real work and dedication. No fluff.

Ready to create a pandemic and recession-proof business empire?

Here’s what you can expect from the Savvy Seller FBA Program…

I’m sharing with you all the hacks and tips that have enabled me to quit my 9-5, gain financial success and live life on my terms. Learn the exact blueprint, replicate it, and also make 6 figures each and every month from home.

Here’s what’s included:

The Complete Course Material

$1429 value

Your 17+ hour no-fluff solution to learning how to profitably sell on Amazon. Features the exact blueprint I used to grow my business to 6 figures and beyond.

Private Coaching

$1449 value

Expert guidance via my private student’s Facebook group, to ensure that you’re on the right track as you build and grow your online business.

Free Course Updates

$998 value

You’ll have access to the most recent course updates throughout the entire process. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of this experience.

Student Success Workbook©

$498 value

Not into taking notes? You’ll receive our carefully constructed Student Success Workbook© to help guide your thoughts as you complete each module – a game changer!

Pre-Made Templates

$366 value

Gone are the days where you have to start from scratch. Our pre-made templates save you time and are conveniently created to help you get ahead and start selling.

5 Product Research Case Studies

$497 value

Our case studies will help you learn from experience and get to your goals faster. We provide proven solutions through our research that you’ll have complete access to.

The Investment

You can get started today for only $1,111

Two payments of


You’ll get immediate access to:

Pay in full


You’ll get immediate access to:

With the payment plan option, you will be billed exactly one month from the date you
enroll for a total of $2,222 excluding taxes. Split payments available via PayPal.

What our Savvy Sellers are saying

Mason & Diana
Femi Adeyemi
Maricel Sanchez

So many people are able to make full-time incomes online.

When will it be your turn to step up to the challenge?

Here’s what you’ll experience within the program:
A clear roadmap

A clear roadmap & accountability for creating your own online business with Amazon and becoming profitable in 90 days.

A tried and true strategy

A tried and true strategy for picking the most profitable products at the lowest risk to you.

Ability to build a Wfa

Ability to build a Work From Anywhere Business (Work From Anywhere) business and get paid to sell products you never have to touch..

Who is this for?

This is for you if…

  • You’re ready to invest in your business because you understand an investment is required on the forefront.
  • You’re not looking for something quick to get into. You have time and want your venture to have a solid foundation.
  • You’re okay not being the face of your business, and you’re okay with not building a personal brand with this revenue stream.
  • You’re excited to dedicate your time and effort to building your future.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for a free or no-cost business idea to start profiting from quickly instead of taking your time.
  • You’re only interested in making money overnight, and getting “rich quick”.
  • Are interested in building a personal brand, and want to be the face of your business.
  • ou’re not ready to give 100% effort when it comes to building and maintaining your new venture.

Here’s what you can look forward to

The teachings in this program are designed to help you master Amazon FBA from the ground up. Not sure if this is for you? Here’s what my clients have to say:

Jackie Ngu

The course just gives you the right amount of information to get you started on the Amazon journey. I can't thank you enough Abby for the opportunity that really wouldn't have been possible without your support. She is always available to answer our questions in the private group no matter how silly they may be. Without her support, I wouldn't have started in the first place.

Augustine Adams

Abby’s course is simply a game changer. Whether you are self-employed or have a full-time job and looking for a legitimate business idea to make some residual income, or you are an experienced drop shipper looking for how to expand your market, Abby’s Savvy Seller FBA course takes you completely through the A to Z of everything you need to know about selling on Amazon.

Milen Belay

This course is AMAZING and I could not have launched my first product without it. Throughout my journey, Abby continuously checked in on me, answered all of my questions, and encouraged me to keep going. I have now launched my product and see progress daily. I highly recommend this course, it's literally the full guide to selling on Amazon step by step.

Let's Recap

All the hacks and tips that have enabled me to quit my 9-5 and finally feel fulfilled. Learn the exact blueprint for how I achieved this success so you can replicate it, and also make 6 figures each and every month from home.
The Complete Course Material

$1429 value

Private Coaching

$1449 value

Free Course Updates

$998 value

Student Success Workbook©

$498 value

Pre-Made Templates

$366 value

5 Product Research Case Studies

$497 value

Total value of $5,237

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is the Savvy Seller FBA Program?

The Savvy Seller FBA Program is a comprehensive e-commerce training program, focused on the private-label business model and utilizes Amazon FBA. It is a beginner-friendly, digestible course to teach you how to start a profitable online business.

How long does it take to complete the training?

At over 15 hours of lectures, many students can realistically expect to dedicate a few days to a few weeks reviewing all the content. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and finish! You also have LIFETIME access!

How does the mentorship portion of the program work?

You will have access to our student Facebook group, where Abby is extremely active and attentive. She answers questions each day, as well as going live to offer more support. The vast majority of students are satisfied with the amount of coaching provided.

What's the benefit of enrolling in this program?

You will save yourself time and money when you invest in the knowledge on how to properly succeed in this business, including my expertise. This is an amazing investment and will  save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in rookie mistakes.

Time is your greatest asset, now is the time to invest in yourself!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create generational wealth! I know what it takes for you to succeed,
and my tried and true methods will guide you step by step through the process.

You’re already excited to dedicate your time to a venture that will benefit yourself and your family.
I’m here to tell you, it’s completely possible and in your hands.

Your no-fluff solution to learning how to profitably sell on Amazon is here!