Now is the time to…

Create, market, and launch your signature course!

Signature Course Academy, for aspiring course creators, was designed to teach you the basics on how to create your own signature course and have 5-figure launches as a result.

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It’s time to monetize your skills and expertise with ease.

Let me guess, you’ve been looking for ways to monetize your talents, but you’re still finding yourself stuck.
You’ve tried other methods of generating passive income with digital products, but it hasn’t worked out for you.

You’re not sure which of your many areas of expertise to lean into, and you’re
tired of dedicating yourself to the process of figuring it out alone.

I completely understand!

I can teach you how to leverage your talents to create your online course.

You’re likely an expert at what you do, it’s time to get paid for helping people with your talents. Long are the days where you give your gifts out for free!

My goal is to help you:

Jumpstart your creativity and help you find a starting point.

Show you the ropes: the in’s and outs of how to start.

Show you what you should do for successful outcomes.

You’re not alone! I have the tools and resources to help you win big in the course creation space, all you need is guidance and direction.

Imagine making 7-figures with just one course…It’s possible!

I’ve managed to earn 7-figures as an Amazon FBA seller and Course Creator,
earning more than $1,000,000 in under 18 months with just one course!

Throughout this process, I noticed there are a few common mistakes holding aspiring course
creators back before they decide to jump in and give it their all.

Do these sound familiar?

Fear of Wasting Time

You want to build a scalable business online but you fear that learning the ins and outs of doing so will take up all your time.

Fear of failure

You’ve tried many times to generate passive income from your business and are traumatized by your past failures, thinking this could never work.

Lack of Knowledge

You know it’s possible to create the life you’ve always dreamed of and think that you need extensive background experience to get started. (Newsflash…you don’t!)

Hey, My name is Abby!

I’m a corporate professional turned expert Course Creator and Amazon FBA Seller, teaching beginner entrepreneurs how to build lucrative businesses on the internet without having extensive knowledge when starting, so they can finally live stress free and gain financial freedom. 

Early in my career, I remember feeling stuck and very unhappy working in my 9-5. I felt depressed, anxious, and wanted more control over my time. 

After taking the leap into entrepreneurship, I started making $10k in profit 3 months after launching my first profitable product, and a year later became a 7 figure Amazon FBA Seller and my business is continuing to grow. 

My passion is helping determined entrepreneurs launch their own signature courses, so they too can gain financial freedom in their lives.

Introducing: Signature Course Academy

A step-by-step program designed to teach you how to create, market and launch a 5-figure signature course, without having to use paid advertising and very low start up costs.

Module #1

Mindset Work

The importance of having the right mindset from the very beginning.

Module #2

Finding A Course Focus That Will Sell

Making sure that the course you create will be profitable.

Module #3

Figuring Out The First Details

Laying the foundation and ensuring that your groundwork is set.

Module #4

Creating A Bare Minimum Course

How to skip the clutter and simplify your course.

Module #5

Bells and Whistles of Your Course

Everything you need to know about creating your course.

Module #6


The Do’s and Don’ts on how to price you course properly

Module #7

Building a Community and Student Support

Understanding how to build a community of prospects that want to learn from you.

Module #8

Intro to Marketing

Introduction to various tried and true marketing tactics.

Module #9

Your Story

How to tell your story that will draw your prospects in.

Module #10

Your Lead Magnet

What exactly is a lead magnet and what you need it for.

Module #11

Email Marketing

How to get started with growing and building your email list and then marketing to your list.

Module #12

Your Social

How your social media impacts your course sales in a big way.

Module #13

Moving Towards Scalability

How to scale your online course for successful outcomes.

Module #14

Dealing With Negativity

Steps to dealing with negativity so that you don’t become disheartened.

Are you ready to build a profitable course with your signature expertise?

Here’s what you can expect from Signature Course Academy…

I’m sharing with you all the hacks and tips that have enabled me to quit my 9-5, gain financial success and live life on my terms.
Learn the exact blueprint, replicate it, and also make 6 figures each and every month from home.

Here’s what’s included:

The Complete Course Material

$1849 value

Your no-fluff solution to learning how to build your online course. 10+ hours of content) with step-by-step tutorials, PDFs, checklists, and helpful links available 24/7.

Ongoing Private Facebook Group Coaching

$2798 value

Gain access to our private student support Facebook community for answers to all your questions and advice to help you succeed.

My 6 High Converting Emails

$999 value

I share 6 of my best converting emails so that you can build your foundation and get a head start on converting with email marketing.

Signature Course Templates & Exercises

$525 value

Simplifies the entire process for you, saving you the time and headache of figuring out what you should say to get the best results.

TikTok Live Mastery

$397 value

See the exact method I use to make more than $50k a month selling my online course.

Total value of $7,068

The Investment

You can get started today for only $599


Two payments of

You’ll get immediate access to:


Pay in full

You’ll get immediate access to:

With the payment plan option, you will be billed exactly one month from the date you enroll for
a total of $1,198 excluding taxes. Split payments available via PayPal.

So many people are able to make full-time incomes online.

When will it be your turn to step up to the challenge?

Here’s what you’ll experience within the program:
A clear roadmap

A clear roadmap & accountability for creating your own online business with Amazon and becoming profitable in 90 days

A tried and true strategy

A tried and true strategy for picking the most profitable products at the lowest risk to you

Ability to build a WFA

Ability to build a WFA (Work From Anywhere) business and get paid to sell products you never have to touch..

Who is this for?

This is for you if…

  • You have an issue with interacting and sharing with people, and you’re not thrilled about talking to people
  • You love being on camera and having a presence online
  • You have a true passion for sharing your talents with the world and want to take your time to build your business right.
  • You don’t have a lot of capital to start a business.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re excited about talking to people and don’t have a problem with interacting and sharing.
  • You don’t like being on camera and mind showing your face, speaking and being open
  • You’re only interested in making money quick instead of having a true passion
  • You don’t have a lot of capital to start a business.

Let's Recap

All the hacks and tips that have enabled me to quit my 9-5 and finally feel fulfilled. Learn the exact blueprint
for how I achieved this success so you can replicate it, and also make 6 figures each and every month from home.
The Complete Course Material

$1849 value

Ongoing Private Facebook Group Coaching

$2798 value

My 6 High Converting Emails

$999 value

Signature Course Templates & Exercises

$525 value

TikTok Live Mastery

$397 value

There are people out there waiting for you to share your expertise.

Truth is, you’re likely the reason someone hasn’t started living out their dream.
They need your expertiseand are willing to pay a premium for what you offer!

Its’ natural to be hesitant when jumping into a new business venture, but you have to push through the uncertainty and take action!
Signature Course Academy can help alleviate a lot of your questions when it comes to sharing your expertise in course format,
and the resources / teachings are invaluable.

I’m here to support your vision and help you execute!