Hey, I’m Abby!

Amazon FBA Expert.
Passive Income Maker.
Generational Wealth Builder.

I love helping ambitious and capable people like you utilize the internet to start your own lucrative and pandemic proof, passive income business that is easily scalable and allows you the freedom to spend your time stressing less and enjoying more.

Imagine finally having financial freedom.
It’s Possible.

I started making $10,000 in profit 3 months after launching my first profitable product, and a year later I became 7 figure Amazon FBA Seller, and my Amazon business is continuing to grow.

When I ventured away from my corporate job, I knew I had a decision to make. I chose to do everything I could to make my online business profitable, then teach others how to do the same. This fueled me. I started first teaching friends and family how to sell on Amazon, then more people started asking how to do what I do, so I was inspired to create the Savvy Seller FBA Program.

The results have been immeasurable.

Not only did I manage to master Amazon FBA, I also managed to successfully teach other beginner entrepreneurs how to copy my road map and do the same exact thing.

I was able to buy my mom a house, as well as my own home. I also now enjoy luxurious vacations at my leisure, have the privilege of splurging on things I’ve always wanted, and most importantly, spend time with my son and family.

My Amazon FBA business and my Savvy Seller course have multiplied my financial freedom, and for that I am truly grateful.

It is my joy reaping the benefits of my accomplishments, but an even greater joy teaching the exact methods I use to help others build their own profitable and strategic online businesses.

Not sure if it’s possible for you?

Take a look at my client successes…

Students have made $3 Million plus with Abby’s Savvy Seller program over the years.

$700k +

made with Amazon FBA


enrolled students in total


Program Completion

Not sure where to begin?

My goal is to make selling online easy for you. Whether you’re interested in selling a digital product or selling physical products, select the route that you align with the most, and let’s make some money!

I want to sell Physical Products

The Savvy Seller FBA Program will teach you how to make thousands of dollars from home each month by selling low-cost products from China on Amazon.

I want to sell Digital Products

The Signature Course Academy is designed to guide you through my step by step proven process of creating, marketing and launching your own signature course.

About LWA


Learn with Abby, LLC. is a black woman-owned/founded e-Commerce consulting company focused on empowering hustlers to sell physical or digital products online.

We specialize in building and scaling profitable Amazon brands. Some services we offer are courses/e-books, webinars/workshops, coaching calls, and live events to name a few. The LearnwithAbby.com website attracts over 1,000 clicks per month.


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Since the creation of our TikTok profile in August of 2021, we’ve managed to grow organically with no paid efforts.


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Since 2019, we’ve gained 19k followers organically. The profile was created in 2012.


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Data recorded since 2017 however the creation of the channel was in 2015